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Municipal elections on March 21st 2018: your vote matters!

Municipal elections on March 21st 2018: your vote matters!

On March 21st, the residents of Eindhoven will elect a new city council. As an international living in Eindhoven, you are eligible to vote in these elections if you meet two criteria:

  • on March 21st, you are at least 18 years old;
  • you have the nationality of a European Union member state, or if you don’t, you have been living in The Netherlands legally for at least 5 years.

Your vote matters!

The Eindhoven city council is responsible for many aspects of public life, such as

  • the design of public spaces like parks and roads
  • a healthy city to live in
  • a balanced housing market with affordable housing in various categories
  • the housing of schools
  • subsidizing local organizations related to sports and culture

So the city council has a big impact on your daily life and you have the right to be represented and to vote in these local elections. 

Voting is easy

There’s no need to register to vote. If you are registered as a resident of Eindhoven and if you are eligible to vote, by now you will have received a voting pass at you home address.

The voting pass indicates the address of a polling station close to your home. However, you can vote at any of the polling stations in Eindhoven. This map will help you to select a polling station at a convenient location. On Wednesday March 21st, you can go to any of these polling places in Eindhoven to cast your vote.

Make sure to bring your voting pass and a valid photo-ID:  a passport, a European ID-card or a Dutch driver’s licence.

Casting your vote usually just takes a few minutes: you walk into the polling place, hand in your voting pass and show your ID. You will receive a voting ballot on which you color the circle of one candidate, using the red pencil in the voting booth. Finally, you drop your voting ballot in the designated bin and you’re done.

Vote D66

D66 believes that internationals are a great addition to Eindhoven, both socially and economically. As liberal democrats, thinking and acting internationally is in our DNA. It’s our aim that Eindhoven continues to be a sustainable, vibrant, healthy city to live in, including:

  • affordable renting opportunities in the city center
  • a vibrant cultural landscape
  • the availability of communication in English from your municipality
  • well maintained schools
  • a vibrant city center with shops, restaurants and bars open on Sundays and evenings

Party leader Mary-Ann Schreurs: ”D66 will work on making Eindhoven a future-proof city. A city that makes its strengths even stronger, a city in which it is good to live, work, and recreate. In short, we strive for “living in the city of the future.

Please click here for the full program in Dutch and here for the Dutch summary.

The English summary of our party program can be found here.

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