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D66 Eindhoven is the local branch of the national political movement Democrats 66 (D66). Along with our colleagues from other political movements, we form the city council of Eindhoven during the period of 2014-2018. Our local election program is also available in English.

With two aldermen and seven city councilors, D66 is the second largest contributor. Together we focus on governance, finance, security, economy, living environment, society, talent, care, prevention, well-being and sports. In our daily work, D66’ers are guided and inspired by our 5 political signposts.

1. Treasure the fundamental rights and shared values

rightsThe fundamental values of our society are freedom and equality of every human being, regardless of orientation, personal beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, or origin. Physical integrity, non-violent resolution of conflicts and respectful used freedom of opinion and expression, including respect for our democratic constitutional state, are our core values. These values are universal and leading. We protect the rights of others and ourselves.



2. Reward performance and share prosperity

welvaartPeople are not all the same but they should be treated as equivalents. People are different and we want the government to respect those differences. We strive for economic independence for as many people and believe that people who perform excellently deserve to be rewarded. We want a dynamic, open society in which everyone has the opportunity to make their own decisions and everyone can develop in their own ways. We consider it self-evident to share prosperity. We want as many people to participate in social and economic processes because everyone will benefit. For people who are not able to participate, we have a joint responsibility.

3. Think and act internationally

internationalSocieties are increasingly connected in many different ways. We’re globally oriented and exclude no-one. In anything we do, we ask ourselves what the effect will be on others in this world. We realize that Europe is increasingly becoming our inland. International cooperation and economic progress are key to a world with fewer wars and conflicts. We always act pragmatically, steady and fact-based.



4. Strive for a sustainable and harmonic society

harmonyWe want to encounter the world around us with respect and compassion. This applies to the people around us and to our surroundings. The Earth is not ours and thus not a consumable. We want to stop exhausting and polluting our environment. In discussions about nature and environment, instead of conservation, we want to address attacks on nature and environment.




5. Trust the personal strength of people

strengthWe rely on the personals strength and development of people. Therefore we encounter the future with optimism. People are creative and will always find new solutions themselves. We want the government to support and give space to this strength, ingenuity and creativity. The key for change is with the people and we want to government to blend in. What people can do for themselves and for others is of much more importance and effective than what the government is able to do.


D66 for expats

D66 would also like to represent the Expat community in Eindhoven. Did you know that many Expats also having voting rights for the city council election in March 2018? E.g. Non-Dutch who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union can vote in municipal elections under the same conditions as the Dutch people. The same applies for non-Dutch that, on the nomination day, resident continuously for at least five years in the Netherlands.

To learn more about the D66-Eindhoven activities and our political viewpoints we invite you to study the Google translated English version of our website.

Are you curious to learn how you as an expat can contribute to the local politics, or how D66 Eindhoven can support your activities to improve the living of expats in our beautiful city? Feel free to contact us via and we’re happy to meet and discuss options.


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