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woensdag 17 januari 2018

D66 Eindhoven presents election program

Optimistic and progressive election program strives for a healthy, lively and sustainable city

Today D66 Eindhoven presents the election program for the period 2018-2022. Under the inspiring leadership of Marco van Dorst, the election program committee worked very hard during the past one and a half year on an election program which shows where we want to go with Eindhoven.

Party leader Mary-Ann Schreurs: ”D66 will work on making Eindhoven a future-proof city. A city that makes its
strengths even stronger, a city in which it is good to live, work, and recreate. In short, we strive for “living in the city of the future.”

The title of our election program is ”Living in the city of the future”. The full program covers 52 pages. We also have available both a Dutch and English summary.

Party chair Mark van Glabbeek: ”The ambition of D66 Eindhoven is to become the biggest party in the 21 March 2018 elections. With this inspiring program and our fantastic candidate list we have full confidence that we will have something to celebrate on 21 March 2018.”

Please click here for the full program (note: the full program is only available in Dutch). Click here for a Dutch summary and click here for an English summary.

Please click here for a Dutch translation of this article.